Top 10 Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj l The Ultimate Travel Guide


Top 10 Picnic Spots In Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Top 10 Tourist Places Across Mayurbhanj

If you are a traveler, and you like to explore forests, waterfall, temples and old historic royal places than Mayurbhanj is the best place for you to visit in. Let’s look at top 10 places across Mayurbhanj where you can find all these attractions.

1. Similipal National Park l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Similipal National Park is a biosphere reserve located between  located between 21° 35’ and 22° 01’ north latitude and 86° 13’ and 86° 37’ east longitude. It is the 7th largest national park in India. The park is home to Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, gaur, and chausingha. along with some of the beautiful waterfalls like Joranda and Barehipani Falls. This protected area is part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2009.

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2. Debakunda l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Debakunda is a miniature waterfall located at the end of Similipal National Park. There is a temple called “Ambika Mandira” that was discovered by Prince Prafulla Chandra Bhanja Deo. This place is also famous for birds and many people come here at the end of December for picnicking. 

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3. Ramatirtha Crocodile Project l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Ramatirtha is located near Jashipur town, the town is situated at the end of Similipal Forest. As per the Indian mythological history, during the days of Tretaya Yuga, Lord Sri Rama along with Devi Sita and Brother Laxman passed thorugh the forest of Similipal; where due to tiredness Sita sat on the platue for a while and she wash her face and feet in the river that flows beneath. Then onwards, Ramatirtha of Mayurbhanj became a legendary place in the name of Sri Rama and Devi Sita. Every year on Makar Sankranti (Mid of January), Mahanta peoples celebrate Tusumelana festival or Tusu Parab.

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4. Kichakeswari Temple l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Maa Kichakeswari temple is situated in Khiching, Sukruli. Here you can find beatiful archeological art on the temple also there is an old museum situated in the campus where the history of Mayurbhanj is described in stones.

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5. JAGANNATH MANDIR , BARIPADA l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Better known as 2nd Shrikhetra of Odisha is one of the best place in Mayurbhanj to visit in. The temple is situated at the center of Baripada town. Its Rathayatra is the oldest one after Puri and second biggest after Puri ratha yatra. It is being celebrated for last 500+ years. The rituals of Baripada Rathayatra are special. It gives priority to the female devotees to pull Maa Subhadra’s ratha, which is unique and attracts female devotees from the neighbouring states also.

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6. Joranda Waterfall l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Joranda waterfall located in the core area of Simlipal National Park. This spot is both a relaxing and stunning experience. The falls are located close to other tourist attraction known as the Bacherpani waterfalls. There are also jungle resorts available here if you want to stay.

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7. Kadali Daraha Waterfall l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Recently this place is getting quite famous due to its super slippery stones near waterfall. The rocky waterfall is needless to mention it is a treat for photographers and nature lovers. Though the trail is arduous enough crossing many cliffs on the way, but after getting sight of the breathtaking marvelous stream your receptors make you feel delighted and spend a perfect day out.

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8. Uski Waterfall l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Uski is one of among all waterfalls in Similipal N.P it is situated middle of forest. You can go here by 4 wheeler or 2 wheeler vehicles.

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9. Sulaipat Dam Reservoir l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Suleipat Dam is famous for picnic destination. Suleipat Dam is near RR Pur town, its abou 13KM away from the town you can go there by bus, bike or any 4 wheeler vehicle. In this campus there is also a beautiful garden where you can find kind of flowers.

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10. Sana Machhakandna Waterfall l Tourist Places In Mayurbhanj

Sana Machha Kandna Waterfall is lovely small waterfall surrounded with beautiful scenery. Sana Machhakandna waterfall is located in Karanjia, Odisha.

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